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We understand the need for financial inclusion and its necessity for economic growth. Therefore people
need access to financial systems that provide credit that gives them the opportunity to fulfil their needs.

Secured Loans

Our secured loan products pertain to finance advancement against some form of collateral. The
repayment periods are longer and applicable interest rates are lower to give you ample time to pay
off the loans without any hassle.

Invest With Us

How about earning better returns on your investment on a monthly basis knowing your investment is helping others reach their goals? P2P investing is riskier than cash savings but its also more rewarding.

We are offering you the opportunity to invest in UIP Credit Limited with guaranteed competitive returns on your investments with us as you watch your investment portfolio grow.

How It Works

Step 1

Download our App and Install it.

Step 2

Register your account.

Step 3

Set your pin.

Step 4

Take a loan in amounts of Kshs 250/-, KShs 500/- or KShs 1000/- .

Step 5

Repay loans.