Invest From KShs 50,000/-

How about earning better returns on your investment on a monthly basis knowing your investment is helping others reach their goals? P2P investing is riskier than cash savings but its also more rewarding. We are offering you the opportunity to invest in UIP Credit Limited with guaranteed competitive returns on your investments with us as you watch your investment portfolio grow..

There are three tiers of investment plans to suit your investment appetite. You can closely monitor your investment portfolio and watch it grow and withdraw accumulated interest each month and reinvest with us.

Silver Investment Plan

  • Invest between Kshs 50,000 – Kshs 500,000
  • Earn 1% interest every month


Gold Investment Plan

  • Invest between Kshs 500,001 – Kshs 5,000,000
  • Earn 1.2% interest every month


Platinum Investment Plan

  • Invest more than Kshs 5,000,000
  • Earn 1.5% interest every month


You could earn better returns than a savings account with less volatility than a stocks and shares investment by accepting more risk. We only invest your money in personal loans and we have experience in this type of investment therefore you are rest assured you will get the right advice and your money is safe with us.
Remember, with P2P investing your capital is at risk and your actual return may be higher or lower than the pulished projected returns. Unlike a savings account, you are not protected by the Central Bank of Kenya.

How the P2P Investor model works

Our business model is simple. Our main aim is to empower our customers’ success by ensuring that you, the investor, can meet the the needs of the borrower and finance their aspirations with your funds. As the first of its kind in Kenya, we expect to leverage on the growing need of seamless and convenient funding for commercial purposes whilst giving you the opportunity to earn regular, assured and steady interest every month.

Our P2P model is anchored on a strong understanding that our investors’ funds are the driving force of our peer to peer business. We safeguard our investors funds by ensuring that such funds are only dispersed to low risk borrowers.

We have a water tight credit scoring system with two leading credit reference bureaus in Kenya i.e. Credit Reference Bureau Kenya Ltd and Metropol Credit Reference Bureau Kenya Ltd. Thus, your invested funds are at least risk of default. UIP Credit Limted has a solid history and has strong foundation emanating from the UIP Real Estate business which has so far delivered over 6,000 title deeds to our real estate clients. You have access to your funds at all times and can withdraw or reinvest at anytime and be rest assured that safeguarding your investments in our business is our top priority.

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